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I will be creating an editorial blog entry from time to time. This blog may contain site updates and announcements, special news interests, or just plain ramblings. I don’t know how frequent I will post, it all depends on available time and whats going on.

I’m surprised there aren’t more firefighting blogs out there, however maybe there are and I just don’t know about them. I know of only a few firefighting blogs of guys from Western Pennsylvania. If you have your own firefighting blog, and are in Western PA send me an email.

For those that don’t know what blogging is, check out this link for a good definition. That site wants you to sign up to create a blogging account, but I thought that was a good definition. If you are interested in writing some blog articles for Hoopie World, send me an email and we’ll set something up. If you would like to protect your identity, we can keep you anonymous.

So check back from time to time, and as always let me know your thoughts on the site and especially what you think of the new layout.

Stay safe

Jeff (FF184)

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