Lincoln VFRC celebrating milestone

By STACY LEE, Daily News Staff Writer

There have been many firsts in the history of Lincoln Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. No. 1’s past.

They offered the first EMT class at McKeesport Hospital in 1969, the first 5-inch supply line also in 1969, and the first female firefighters in Allegheny County in 1975.

The company will celebrate its 60th anniversary on Saturday with a banquet at the Lincoln VFRC’s Memorial Hall.

The night will feature dinner, dancing, awards, donor recognition, videos and old photos and visits from local politicians and surrounding fire company members.

The company also has a new fire chief this year in Don Bertok because long-time chief and current Lincoln Mayor Nick Vay has stepped down, taking a safety officer position.

“See all this gray hair?” Vay responded when asked why he chose another office.

Lincoln VFRC officially became Lincoln Township Volunteer Fire Co. on March 23, 1949, when the borough was still a township.

It was started by Lincoln Township Boosters Club members C. Theodore Lindberg, Blaine Fulmer, Charles Onesi, John Gajczik, Boyd Arbuckle, J.A. Bogan, Emery Underwood and Joseph Faust.

“It was a softball team,” Nick Vay said. “They just disbanded and started a fire company.”

The original company had approximately 15 members. It now has 35 members.

It became a rescue company after the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary and Sid Mendlowitz Trucking donated an ambulance in 1970.

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