Elizabeth Twp Head-On Vehicle Crash

On March 17th, 2010, Elizabeth Twp crews were alerted to Route 48 at Broadlawn Road for a head-on vehicle accident with injuries.  Here is the report from Central’s website:

At 17:39 hrs the volunteers were alerted to the intersection of Scenery Drive near Broadlawn Drive for the head on crash with injuries. 140 RQ 7 arrived on scene within 2 minutes confirming a head on crash with moderate damage several victims walking about the crash scene and good access to one still in the vehicle. RQ 4 was downgraded to a non emergency response for traffic assistance while the remaining units went in service.

One patient was transported to a local hospital fo evaluation, all other parties refused EMS intervention.

For more information visit Central’s website

03/17/10 - Elizabeth Twp Head-On Collision

photo by central147.org

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