Black Diamond Leather Firefighting X-Boot Review – Part 2 of 2

This article is the conclusion of a review on Black Diamond’s Leather Fire X-Boot that I started a couple of weeks ago.  Part 1 of that review can be found at this link.  The first part of the review focused on the looks, materials, and initial feel.  This article will focus on how the boots performed out and about and after some extended use.

For those of you that didn’t read the first part of the review when it was published, or were lazy and didn’t click the link to read it now, I was blown away by the comfort of these boots the first time I put them on.  They really did feel like a comfortable pair of tennis shoes.   I was eager to see if that same comfort would be still be there after wearing the boots for a comparably long time.  I also liked the looks of the boot, as I feel they blend tradition with new technology.  So how did they do?

The first day I wore them I kept them on for about 8 hours.  I wore them just doing general chores and work around my residence and property.   During most of the day they felt good, again feeling more like tennis shoes rather than boots.  However, after about 6 hours I must admit my toes started hurting.  The soreness was in my pinky toes due to rubbing.  I kept them on for a couple more hours and the pain was minor and after checking my feet I was happy to see no blisters.  I guess the bottom line is even with as comfortable as these boots are, they are still boots and need broken in a little bit.  Heck, even tennis shoes need broken in sometimes.

On the second day of wearing them, I am happy to report no pain or soreness at all.  I was expecting my toes to hurt a little bit but there was no pain at all.  Again, I used them around my property and did some testing with them.  I did some sprints and running in them just to see what they were like.  They were a little heavy, they are boots after all, but I was able to run fine in them with no slippage or balance issue.  I also used the chainsaw around the property and I was extremely happy with the boot makeup.  They are slim and non-bulky and don’t get in the way while cutting.   I also gave them a good workout in the mud.  Again, they performed great, giving great traction and not getting bogged down in the mud.  I tested them out on ladders and as expected I felt sure-footed going up and down the ladder.

Some of the call types that I was able to wear them on included an motor vehicle accident and a brush fire.  I know I’m sounding like a broken record but these boots impressed me again on the incidents.

I’m sold on these boots, so lets recap:

Pros: Great comfort (feel like tennis shoes), Good looks, Not bulky or “clunky”
Cons: Minor soreness while breaking them in the first day (I know I’m stretching it a little bit on this one since most boots and shoes need broken in)

In conclusion, I found these boots to be great.  As you can see with the Pros and Cons, I really couldn’t come up with any major things that I didn’t like with these boots. I highly recommend your department giving them a try.  You can also try to win a pair from Black Diamond on Black Diamond’s site.

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