Derry Twp Brush Fire

Murrysville Medic One responded and assisted at a brush fire in Derry Twp on April 1st, 2010.  Here is the report from their site:

Support 610 and Gator 610 responded into Derry Twp to assist with firefighter rehab during a brush fire. Responding agencies: Murrysville Medic One (Support 610, Gator 610, and Trailer 610-T2), Bradenville VFD, Westmoreland County Team 211, Blairsville VFD, Lloydsville VFD, Eastern Derry Twp VFD, and Derry VFD.

For more pictures and info visit Murrysville Medic One’s website

04/01/10 - Derry Brush Fire

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