Penn Hills Multi-Vehicle Accident in Residential Area

Four vehicles where damaged when an elderly man lost control of his vehicle on Elm Drive in the Valemont Heights section of Penn Hills on April 2nd, 2010.  This accident was possibly due to a medical condition.

After side-swiping the first 2 cars he then struck a 3rd car severely damaging it and at same time pushing the car behind it nearly 50 ft up the road after spinning it around.  His car ended up hanging by its rear axle over a neighbors driveway wall. Firefighters from Penn Hills 221,222,223 responded quickly to the scene and stabilized the car so medics could remove the elderly man.

Penn Hills Accident - 04/02/2010

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“Thank God we had such a quick response from firefighters and no one else was hurt” was heard from neighbors who live along the street as many children are often playing along this section of street.

The elderly man was transported to a local hospital for evaluation by Guardian Angel Medics who where providing mutual aid to Penn Hills.

Story and photos by Nick Markowitz Jr

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