Hoopie World Image Gallery Update – Washington County

washington-engine-69-3-canonsburg-canonsburgvfd-orgAs we talked about in this post about Allegheny County PA Fire Apparatus, we are working on the apparatus image galleries.

I’m happy to report Washington County’s Fire Apparatus Image Gallery is near complete as well.  We now have at least one image from every fire department in Washington county, with the exception of only 5 departments.

If you have a picture, please use the upload form on the image gallery, or email them to support@hoopieworld.com.

We are still in need of pictures from the following seven departments:


34 – Amwell
35 – Avella
36 – Taylorstown
49 – Eldersville
50 – Lone Pine
68 – Cokeburg
70 – Somerset Twp

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