Fire Apparatus Image Gallery – Butler County Pa

butler-rescue-9-eastbutlerAs you probably know, we have been in the process of updating the image gallery on Hoopie World.  For now, we are trying to get at least one picture from every department from every county in western PA.  Once that collection is complete, we will continue on trying to complete the collection by getting a picture of every unit from every department.

We have just uploaded the pictures that we have from Butler county.  The Butler county fire apparatus gallery can be seen by clicking on the link.

We only need four departments to complete Butler county.  They are:

3 – Meridian
13 – Prospect
25 – West Sunbury
32 – Eau Claire

If you have a picture, please use the upload form on the image gallery, or email them to

(Oops, we noticed our link to our email contained a typo, please resend your email if you tried to email us prior to 1p eastern on 8/5/13)

Update: We now have at least one image from every department in Butler county!  Thanks for your contributions.

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