Pet Rescue and No Reported Injuries in Dubois Apartment Fire

021014-dubois-apartment-fireBy Lauren Hensley / WJAC

CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa.– Ten apartments along the 100 block of East Par Avenue in DuBois all went up in flames Saturday afternoon. Katrina Mosley and Brett Ross were both at work when they heard their apartment was on fire-Rushing to the scene, they both said they could only think about their beloved pet turtle, Gir.

“I didn’t think there was any way because of how the flames were rolling by,” Katrina Mosley said, doubting her turtle would make it out alive.

“He doesn’t have a big water container he can crawl in, so I was afraid the smoke and fire would get to him,” Brett Ross said.

The turtle’s fate seemed sealed. It was with a heavy heart the two mourned the loss of their pet.  But, the unbelievable did happen, when a firefighter emerged from the smoke with Gir.

“Oh my,” Mosley said as she dialed the number to reach Ross to let him know their pet was alive.  “He is alive,” she said. The young couple said firefighters went above and beyond to put out the fire and rescue Gir.

The good news didn’t end there either; everyone from the building has been accounted for.  The landlord provided the names of everyone who lived in the complex and so far the numbers have matched up.

“As far as we know everyone is out.  Some are down at the fire hall, and some had family come and get them,” Rhonda Blose, the landlord of the complex said.  “But I just feel so sorry for everyone who has lost everything.  I really care for these people and I am really glad that they are safe.” There is no word on the cause of the fire but it remains under investigation.

The general manager of the Homewood Suits by Hilton in DuBois did reach out to our news crews to help those displaced by the fire. According to the general manager, Angela Stewart, those who need a place to stay are welcome at the hotel at no charge for the weekend. To contact to hotel call, 814-503-8944.

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