9-1-1 Service in Meadville Area Back on Line

hw-logoBy Bill Cummings – Erietvnews.com

Crawford County, PA – The Crawford County Office of Emergency Services advises that the fiber optic phone lines that were cut in the City of Meadville at the intersection of Water and Willow streets, which were affecting land line phones and some cellular phones from dialing 9-1-1, were repaired per Windstream.  Repairs were completed at approximately 4:20 a.m. this morning.

The Crawford County 9-1-1 Center reported that a test of its radio frequencies was successful and that 9-1-1 calls from areas affected by the outage were received.  All telephone services in the affected areas should now be operational.

Read more: http://www.erietvnews.com/story/26091163/9-1-1-service-in-meadville-area-back-on-line

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