Personalized brick campaign to help furnish new Plum EMS building

plum-emsBy Karen Zapf – Tribune-Review

With plans for a new emergency services center solidified, Plum Emergency Medical Services and Renton Volunteer Fire Department personnel are turning their attention to the building’s interior.

The two groups have started a “Buy-A-Brick Campaign” to raise money for items they need for their new homes, including computers, phones, furniture and kitchen items.

Plum EMS deputy Director Bob Moran said bricks in two sizes — 4 inches by 8 inches for $50 and 8 inches by 8 inches for $85 — with personal messages will be sold and placed on a walkway outside the one-story building that is set to be located across Old Mine Road from the public works center.

The new building is going to be named in honor of the late Al Franci, former Plum mayor who was a proponent of a municipal ambulance service in Plum. Franci, Plum’s mayor from 1990-97, died on Nov. 22 at age 81.

The ambulance base and fire station will be separated by a wall for their separate activities.

Plum Council members during last week’s meeting voted to approve nearly $2.7 million in contracts for the construction of the building, which is expected to take about six months to complete.

“It will help us pave the way to the future of a new public safety building,” Moran said.

“All the funds will go directly to the furnishings of the building,” said Anita Maydak, president of the Renton Volunteer Fire Co. “We will split the profits.”

Bricks can be purchased online at

Order forms are available at the Plum Borough Building, 4575 New Texas Road; the Renton Volunteer Fire Department, 222 Renton Ave.; and Plum Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 4545 New Texas Road.

The completed order forms with payment can be dropped off at the fire department, 222 Renton Ave. or mailed to P.O. Box 14071, Pittsburgh, PA 15239.

Those interested can contact Maydak at 412-969-4888 or Plum EMS at 412-793-4801.

The fire department is conducting fundraising events to raise money for the items they need.

“We want this to be a building where (volunteers) are spending time so when there is a call they are right there,” Maydak said.

A building fund has been established for cash donations, Maydak said.

Anyone who would like to donate cash or items should contact Maydak at 412-969-4888 or

The new building is being paid for by refinancing a $7 million bond issue from 2010 that gleaned the borough about $1.6 million for the building.

The fire department and EMS are to be responsible for paying about half the $55,000 increased debt service cost.

The two groups are to reimburse the borough for the cost of the building.

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