Multiple Fires At Vacant Warehouse Troubling Officials


A string of fires at a vacant warehouse is creating dangerous situations for city of Erie firefighters. Now code enforcement officials are trying to meet with the owners.

Firefighters have been dealing with dangerous conditions at a vacant warehouse that was originally the Watson Paper Company. Officials say there’s evidence of kids being in there, people doing drugs and people who have stolen wires. It’s a serious problem city officials are trying to deal with.

There’s collapsed ceilings and floors that have massive holes in them. Add to that dark and smoky conditions and it could be a recipe for disaster. Firefighters were called to the vacant warehouse three times over the weekend for reports of a fire.

Chief Fire Inspector Guy Santone walked our crew through the vacant building that’s filled with x-rays, paper rolls, old computers and printers and said these fires are suspicious “I think the other day Saturday there were two separate fires in two separate parts of the building that led us to believe it was definitely a set fire. This one yesterday was also a set fire because it’s in pile of papers and cardboard.”.

Firefighters are up against several issues including a nearly 300 thousand square foot of space, several open entrances to the building and owners who reportedly live in Buffalo and can’t be reached. The owners of the building do have a security company that reportedly monitors the building.

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