It’s Our Birthday! WPAFN is 14

February marked the 14th year that we have provided western Pennsylvania firefighting news.  It was originally created in February of 2003.  It has undergone a lot of changes, and even a new name (Hoopie World to WPAFN).  Please see the site history at this page link.

The creation and popularity of Facebook was the biggest contributing factor to the changes necessary not only to our site, but to many sites across the internet.  The biggest impact from Facebook by far was the ever so popular Hoopie World discussion forums were retired due to a lack of use after a while.

Eventually, Facebook was incorporated as a tool to be used with the site, and our Facebook page currently has 5.8k followers.  Click here to follow our page if you aren’t already a follower!  We also learned how to use Twitter and have a Twitter account that we use as well.

For a little birthday gift from us to you, click on this link to see what the original page looked like back in 2003!  Its missing some pictures, however for the folks that were with us back then, it will definitely bring back some memories.

Thanks again for the continues support, and I look forward to the next 14 years!

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