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WPAFN Policies

Privacy Policy

WPAFN’s Privacy Policy is simple. Any information collected by WPAFN is kept private. It will never be sold or disclosed in any other way unless requested by certified law enforcement agencies.  Information is collected at a few different places on the site for internal use only.

Photo Policy

We will publish pictures from emergency incidents and training sessions that are provided to us. In order to submit photographs, we need to know what the incident was, date and time, location, who responded and any other details. The photographer will get credit on the page for any pictures submitted unless he/she requests to remain anonymous. Posted pictures will not show any identifying details such as faces of patients, vehicle registrations, etc.  Pictures can be submitted with these details on it but they will be edited before posting. Any pictures submitted become the property of WPAFN, but may be distributed to other outlets by the person submitting the pictures and/or the photographer.

Pictures can be submitted electronically by email in .jpg or .gif format. Pictures in .bmp format are too large and must be converted before submission. If you only have hard copies of pictures, you can contact the editor for mailing instructions. Pictures will be returned to the sender if desired after they’ve been scanned.

Pictures that are submitted must be original photographs and must not be protected by copyright. Any pictures found to be violating copyright laws will be removed. If you are a copyright holder and feel something on this site violates it, send an email to jeff@wpafirenews.com.

The editor has the final decision on what will be posted. Any pictures not related to emergency services, that are in bad taste, or that are deemed unacceptable for any other reason will not be posted. Requests for removal of pictures or other material once published will be considered on a case by case basis.


Using Content From WPAFN on Your Site

WPAFN allows content to be posted on other sites, as long as a link back to WPAFN is included and all proper credits for any pictures are given.

Product Review

Click here for WPAFN’s Product Review Policy

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