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Fire Audio and New Affiliate Site

Hoopie World is happy to announce that Central VFC, Elizabeth Twp Station 7 has become Hoopie World’s newest affiliate site. Check their site out at and keep your eye out for news from their site.

Fire audio files have also been added for 5 incidents from the summer time frame in 2008. To access them, click here or click the Fire Audio menu option on the top of the screen. The incidents include a motel fire in Avalon, a Marshall Twp MVA, a Bellevue MVA, a Ross Twp fire, and a physical rescue in Bradford Woods for a person that had a tree fall on them.

Online Scanner Links

Since folks have been asking about online scanners, we wanted to post links to online scanner frequencies from Pennsylvania areas.  If you have more that aren’t listed here, be sure to send them to us at

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New Apparatus Pictures Added

photo by Tony Codespote

photo by Tony Codespote

Six fire apparatus photos have been added in the photo gallery.  Thanks to Tony Codespote for submitting them.  They are all out of state from Maryland.