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Black Diamond Leather Firefighting X-Boot Review – Part 2 of 2

This article is the conclusion of a review on Black Diamond’s Leather Fire X-Boot that I started a couple of weeks ago.  Part 1 of that review can be found at this link.  The first part of the review focused on the looks, materials, and initial feel.  This article will focus on how the boots performed out and about and after some extended use.

For those of you that didn’t read the first part of the review when it was published, or were lazy and didn’t click the link to read it now, I was blown away by the comfort of these boots the first time I put them on.  They really did feel like a comfortable pair of tennis shoes.   I was eager to see if that same comfort would be still be there after wearing the boots for a comparably long time.  I also liked the looks of the boot, as I feel they blend tradition with new technology.  So how did they do?

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Black Diamond Leather Firefighting X-Boot Review – Part 1 of 2

Black Diamond Leather Firefighting X-Boot

Black Diamond Leather X-Boot

I’m excited to announce a new section of Hoopie World, Product Reviews.  This section will be for unbiased, detailed product reviews for firefighting and emergency service products.  There is a new tab Product Reviews in the top menu of the site, and here is a link to our Product Review Policies.

The first product that Hoopie World will be reviewing is the leather X-Boot, Stock #0911, made by Black Diamond Protective Equipment.  This will be a two-part review, with this first part concentrating on details of the boots such as material, looks, comfort, and the second part will focus on field tests with the boots.  The field tests will include testing the traction and tread in a variety of situations, climbing ladders, and comfort after wearing them for a long period of time.

During a quick search online, these boots can be found for sale for around $250.00.  Some sites have them for more, some for less.  I would suggest going to a local fire equipment and gear dealer and see what type of pricing they can get you.

Here is Black Diamond’s blurb on this boot:

The X-BOOT sets a new standard for fire boots – built for today’s firefighter, using proven shoemaking technologies and constructions. Utilizing proprietary materials, innovative thinking and input from firefighters, we built a better boot, a better way. In addition to meeting the NFPA standards, we meet the standards of firefighters who demand all-day comfort, support and protection. NFPA1971 Certified.

At first glance, these boots look like pretty standard firefighting bunker boots, with one difference of the loops at the top.  The loops on the X-Boot are integrated with the boot so there aren’t external loop straps hanging off.  I like the look of them, as they mix new technology with a traditional look.

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