North Apollo Annual Fire Fee to Remain

WPAFNWe have good news regarding a follow up to yesterday’s story “North Apollo Council to Vote on Discontinuing Annual Fire Fee Tonight“.

After hearing from many residents supporting the fire fee, North Apollo council voted unanimously to keep the annual fee last night during their council meeting.

Per Emily Balser of the Valley News Dispatch /, the fee remains at $40 to $50 a year for residents and $80 a year for businesses.  The fee brings in about $34,000 for the fire department.

Council does request more transparency from the fire department on how the money is spent.  The fire department is changing their bylaws to allow their meetings to be open to the public and have also started using new accounting software for better tracking.

You can read Emily’s full article on at this link.


North Apollo Council To Vote on Discontinuing Annual Fire Fee Tonight

North Apollo council plans on voting tonight on whether to abolish an annual fire fee that it charges residents for fire service protection.  The fee was originated in 2013 to assist with North Apollo VFD’s operational expenses.

Per the Valley News Dispatch/TribLive, North Apollo council president President Laura Ford stated they were looking into possibly eliminating the fire fee due to residents who have come to her stating they can’t afford the fee.

The fee is currently $80 a year for businesses, and between $40-$50 a year for residents.  The fire department would lose about $34,000 in revenue a year, and their annual budget is $55,000 and more than likely close their doors.

The fire department’s president, Josh McKendree, stated the department is open to alternative options for the fee, including payment plans and/or lowering it.

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Job Opportunity – Director of Emergency Services – Part Time Position

We were notified by Jim Harmes from Fire Chief Recruiters about an open part time Director of Emergency Services position with 1-800 Board Up.

The position is based out of Gibsonia, PA.

This position is part-time, but has a great salary and a good bonus plan to go along with it.

Per Jim, the hours are very flexible, and the biggest requirement is that the individual has fun performing it.

For anyone interested, please contact Jim Harmes at 810-964-6911, or see the additional information on the attached flyer.

Please be sure to tell him you heard about the position on our site.


6 Ways To Help Your Local Fire Department

how to help your local fire department

I often get asked by people outside the fire department on how they can help out.  The majority of people I talk to are very thankful for the work their local firefighters do, and sometimes they would like to help out more.  I have created this article to help spurn some ideas that you may not of thought about on how to help your local fire department.

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It’s Our Birthday! WPAFN is 14

February marked the 14th year that we have provided western Pennsylvania firefighting news.  It was originally created in February of 2003.  It has undergone a lot of changes, and even a new name (Hoopie World to WPAFN).  Please see the site history at this page link.

The creation and popularity of Facebook was the biggest contributing factor to the changes necessary not only to our site, but to many sites across the internet.  The biggest impact from Facebook by far was the ever so popular Hoopie World discussion forums were retired due to a lack of use after a while.

Eventually, Facebook was incorporated as a tool to be used with the site, and our Facebook page currently has 5.8k followers.  Click here to follow our page if you aren’t already a follower!  We also learned how to use Twitter and have a Twitter account that we use as well.

For a little birthday gift from us to you, click on this link to see what the original page looked like back in 2003!  Its missing some pictures, however for the folks that were with us back then, it will definitely bring back some memories.

Thanks again for the continues support, and I look forward to the next 14 years!

Pennsylvania State Fire Grant Awards 2016-2017

The Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner has announced the grant amounts awarded to the fire and ems departments that applied.

Department could apply for monies to pay for items in the following categories:

Facilities – Construction and/or renovation of the fire company’s or ambulance service’s facility and purchase or repair of fixtures and furnishings necessary to maintain or improve the capability of the company to provide fire, ambulance and rescue services.
Equipment – Purchase or repair of firefighting, ambulance or rescue equipment.  Includes the purchase of fuel for company vehicles.

Debt reduction – Debt reduction associated with the facility (1) or equipment (2) categories above.
Training – Training and certification of members.
Training and education materials regarding fire prevention for the general public.
Career Departments Only – Overtime costs associated with backfilling positions while fire fighters are attending training.

Below is the list broken down by county.

16-17 Grant Awards by County

Crews Extinguish Garage Fire on March 6th in Youngstown

Crews extinguished a detached garage fire Youngstown, Westmoreland county, Pa.  Youngstown was assisted by Whitney-Hostetter, Latrobe), Lloydsville, and Bradenville.

Story/Photo courtesy Youngstown Volunteer Fire Station Facebook page