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Do you have emergency service products (or possibly other industry products) that you would like Hoopie World to evaluate and review on the site?  Jeff Bertok, the owner and editor-in-chief of WPAFN, would be happy to review products and post the unbiased reviews on the site.  If the product requires multiple people, a team will be formed to review the product(s).  This is a great way to get a product in front of thousands of viewers in the industry.

Here is WPAFN’s Product Review Policy:

  • The manufacturer/author/product creator agrees to provide products, without cost, for review to Jeff Bertok.  These products will be mailed directly to Jeff Bertok without any shipping costs.  Local companies can arrange a face to face meeting to save on shipping if necessary.  Products are generally not returned.
  • There is no predetermined period of time in which the reviews will be complete.  The reviews will be done in a timely fashion, but there are no strict deadlines.  Reviews will be typically down in 1-2 weeks.
  • By submitting a product(s) for review, the submitter accepts the face that the review may not be positive about the product.  These reviews are reviews, not advertisements or sponsorships, and to best serve our visitors our honest opinions will be given.  Our goal is to provide honest, unbiased reviews of products.
  • WPAFN receives no income for doing the reviews, meaning Jeff Bertok will not accept any compensation for posting favorable reviews or being persuaded to do so.

Contact Information:

Jeff Bertok
3014 Memory Lane
McKeesport, PA  15133

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  1. […] I’m excited to announce a new section of Hoopie World, Product Reviews.  This section will be for unbiased, detailed product reviews for firefighting and emergency service products.  There is a new tab Product Reviews in the top menu of the site, and here is a link to our Product Review Policies. […]

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