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Valley’s first responders get certified for ice rescues

012714-armstrong-county-water-rescueBy Braden Ashe / photo by Eric Felack – Valley News Dispatch

Although battling extreme temperatures is part of a firefighter’s job description, most don’t imagine those temperatures to pose a hypothermic threat.

Such was the case, however, for the Armstrong County 340 Task Force, which conducted ice rescue drills on Sunday in the frigid waters of Allegheny Township’s Northmoreland Park.

With freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall through most of the morning, the task force had to break a hole in the ice to begin its eight-hour training session. Each of the 40 or so team members spent about five minutes in the water demonstrating to Pennsylvania Region 13 Task Force instructors their ability to conduct ice water rescues.

Among the Region 13 Task Force’s primary directives is to establish communication systems and response methods that work among 13 counties.

The ice rescue training session represents one of four drills emergency responders must complete to be state-certified swift water emergency technicians. About half of the members must complete some combination of the other three drills to earn their Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission certification. But after Sunday, all task force members are properly trained and equipped to respond to ice water emergency situations, said Dan Felack, Task Force 340 deputy chief.

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Hoarders present unique challenge for firefighters

By Karen Zapf

Fire Chief Larry Glass is more worried about what he doesn’t see when he rolls up to the scene of a house fire.

“We have a pretty good idea of the floor plan, but once you are through the front door, you don’t know what’s in there,” said Glass, chief of Plum Borough’s Holiday Park Volunteer Fire Department on Route 286.

Glass and other volunteer firefighters face many challenges in their work, but one of the most dangerous is entering the home of a hoarder.

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Lower Burrell #3 Does Some Vehicle Rescue Training

Lower Burrell #3 VFC held a vehicle rescue training session on Saturday, January 22nd, 2010.  For a lot of pictures from their days activities, check out their site at www.lbvfc3.com.

photo by http://www.lbvfc3.com/

Wexford VFC Structure Burn Training

photo by Jake Ballard

photo by Jake Ballard

Here are some pictures of a recent structural burn training session taken by Wexford VFC through the Allegheny County Fire Academy.

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