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Western Pa Fire Department Twitter Accounts Directory

twitter-logoWe are happy to announce that we have added a listing page of all western Pa fire department Twitter accounts.

This list contains all the Twitter accounts that we could find, if there are any that you know of that we missed, please email us or use the contact form.

The page can be found by clicking this link.

You can find the page under the Social Media menu under Twitter accounts shown with the red arrow in the below screenshot.

Pa Fire Department Twitter Accounts

Be sure to follow our WPAFN twitter account as well!

Further Twitter Explanation

For those of you that still don’t use or understand Twitter, FireCritic.com helps further explain what it is and how it is useful.

I see a lot of firefighters and EMT’s ask “What the heck is Twitter”. Or better yet “What the hell is A Twitter”?

I have heard firefighters in my own department, in my own station ask what it is. Some of them don’t know what email is…so it is not worth too much of a detailed explanation.Let me explain what twitter is and why it benefits firefighters and EMT’s.

First of all, Twitter (Twitter.com) is a social networking tool. Users can type whatever the heck they want as long as it is shorter than 140 characters.

Read the full article here

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